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Thursday, April 27, 2006

why this blog?

well, my favorite book of the Bible is the Song of Songs (aka the Song of Solomon). it blesses me to no end. i meditate on it, over and over again....

unfortunately, this is a book that is very much misunderstood and overlooked by many christians. it seems to be almost as feared a book to read as Revelations!

i thought, why not share some of my meditations in a blog, and perhaps it will bless others? so here you go. if nothing else, think of it as a devotional. you do not have to share my understanding of the Song of Songs in order to be inspired, i'm sure.

note: i am not a scholar. i do not pretend that i have the ultimated understanding of biblical languages or symbolism. i am, however, one who is very visual, and i like to study. this is my interpretation, the Rhema word of God to my life.

may you be blessed!